/Assistance and advice

Assistance and advice

The Entomon team, made up of entomologists, is able to provide assistance and advice to public and private operators with regard to the development of remedies to problems related to insects and other arthropods.
Entomon can provide certified identification of insect specimens and information on their biology, on the dangers for humans and their goods, and on control and capture systems studied with particular attention to the maintenance of environmental quality and the preservation of natural heritage.

Entomon participated in the “Ligustica Project”, a research promoted and funded by the Tuscany Region for the beekeeping associations of Tuscany which has as its objectives the selection of a Tuscan ecotype of bee with resistance to pests and docility.

Entomon’s role in the project was to practice artificial insemination of queen bees destined to the formation of colonies with the above characteristics.

The Entomon experts offer their expertise in the instrumental insemination of queen bees even to private beekeepers who wish to obtain specimens with special features.


Entomon can provide the certified determination of specimens of insects for legal or administrative practices. Preventive agreements are needed with respect to the state of preservation of the material and the time required identification.

Entomon is able to provide insects for collectors, video footage and more, to manage their use for special needs, to organize seminars and lectures held by specialists on particular issues of entomological interest.