Disclosure to employees and collaborators about actions taken by Entomon for Coronavirus emergency.

Dear Customers / Suppliers / Consultants,

in relation to the general situation that has arisen in Italy and following the measures taken with the various decrees of the Presidency of Ministers Council, we inform you that ENTOMON immediately implemented actions aimed at making its employees and collaborators safe, while guaranteeing working continuity.

ENTOMON has implemented internal procedures since the first days of the emergency to deal with all requests related to the COVID-19 emergency by defining procedures in line with the provisions of government authorities.

In line with the provisions of the Italian Government, Entomon immediately facilitated remote communication methods (reduction of physical meetings by preferring those in virtual mode) and asked for the commitment of all employees and collaborators to respect all the indications provided for the containment of the spread of the virus (access to offices, distances between colleagues, indication of transit or stop in the areas indicated as being at risk and indicating any flu symptoms).

Entomon continues to guarantee its production and supply activities so that the venom extracts are available to customers and can be received on time.

We thank for everyone’s active collaboration.