Vespula spp. Eur

Product description:
Capillary Extracted Venom Vespula spp. Eur

Source material:
Specimens of specie Vespula germanica e V. vulgaris captured in Tuscany, Italy

The venom is extracted with the technique “Entomon Capillary Extracted VenomĀ®”, divided into aliquots corresponding to approximately 10.0 mg and 0.50 mg of protein and subsequently lyophilized under vacuum in glass vials.

Release Analysis:
The product is released after evaluating the protein content (titre in label), residual moisture, and electrophoretic analysis in SDS-PAGE. Each batch is accompanied by the Certificate of Analysis and the Technical Data Sheet.

For diagnostic purposes, only as raw material. To be submitted to all tests to verify its suitability according to the regulations.


6 years if stored properly.