Wasps capture

Cattura calabroni (Vespa crabro)

European hornets capture (Vespa crabro)

Cattura vespe terragnole (Vespula spp.)

Common wasps capture (Vespula spp.)

Paper wasps capture (Polistes dominula)

The Entomon staff deals with the capture of wasp colonies. From the latter we extract the venom that is then used in the production of vaccines for people allergic to the sting of these insects.

To guarantee the quality of venom extract and respect for humans, animals and environment, no insecticides of any kind are used during the disinfestation and the specimens are collected live.

Identifies the species of wasp with the help of our pages, if it falls among the listed below, the disinfestation is free!

Entomon staff performs work in compliance with safety regulations in the workplace. (D.Lgs 81/2008)

Identifies the pest wasp


Some of our interventions