Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is available for each batch of products.

FACSIMILE of Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Entomon extracts venom from insects and prepares it as an active ingredient. These venoms are the raw material used by the pharmaceutical industry for the production of vaccines and diagnostic preparations directed to people allergic to insect stings.

The venom is taken from insects caught and treated at low temperature with procedures ensuring the highest quality, the venoms are subsequently freeze-dried in appropriate glass vials. The lots thus produced are accompanied by Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

In fact, there are many insects that affect man from a medical point of view, some may cause serious pathologies with their sting, such as wasps and bees. The venom of these sting contains molecules (allergens) that can be recognized as extraneous by the immune system and cause more or less severe allergic reactions. Specific Immunotherapy (ITS) is a highly effective medical practice that reduces the allergic reaction in particularly at-risk subjects by preventative administration of the substances causing the reaction itself.